Hello, my name is Rudran.

Welcome to Tanaiki, a labour of love and an expression of my life purpose.

As you have visited here I imagine that like me, you are involved in growing yourself into a more vital, conscious person in a society that has lost its way. It is clear that it is up to us to help it find its way back.

Tanaiki is primarily a set of tricks and clues for growing up the young parts of us with full adulthood as its goal. It is a fusion of Yoga and Aikido principles, breathwork and Tantric and Shamanic practises.

It is a collection of tools and initiations into full human adulthood. It is a way to grow myself and each other up…

​Tanaiki is an amalgam of the words ‘Tantra’ – meaning to both weave the threads of the Masculine and Feminine and ‘freedom through expansion’, and ‘Aiki’ – which is focus of ‘life force’.

Tanaiki is as much a personal mission as it is an expression of my entry into young Eldership. It is my way of passing on the tricks and clues of growing myself up into an adult human being…not an adult of this or that culture, but a HUMAN adult with the full independence that that implies.

So we will study:
… posture and power and the movement of thought and language; of sex and desire and of the presence of our life force that inhabits our bodies; of what happens when we grow up from a place of opinion and belief and expand to the archetypal and mythic levels of being human.

We begin life by being driven by culture from our earliest imprintings and conditionings and if we take responsibility for these processes  we end up taking responsibility for driving the culture – this is human adulthood… not the adulthood of this or that society but of human adulthood

Adolescence ends with independence. This is true of all  archetypes; emotionally, mentally, sexually and of all other lines of development. We do this by:

1.     Aligning the body and mind
2.     Awakening the animal body
3.     The study of surrender and control 
4.     Harnessing and focusing the life force (ki, prana, chi) through the centre, Hara
5.     Transmuting sexual energy
6.     Non-identification with the content of thought
7.     Conscious expansion

These seven are the root of depth inner work. They present in all altered states and are a vital part of growth and evolution. 

We go underneath the think/emote/think/emote ego cycle to the deep feeling field.  

​”You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.” Swami Vivekananda

Through the study of Tanaiki you will:

  • Take responsibility for your own conditioning
  • Come into your own authority
  • Focus your life force
  • Awaken your animal body
  • Live an ecstatic life
  • Consciously expand
  • Create deep and meaningful relationships
  • Drive the direction of your culture

This is human adulthood…

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